Thursday, April 1, 2010

Counting the days....

Around the orphanages in Ukraine and Bulgaria are colored fences. To adoptive parents, they seem like jail bars. The kids rarely, if ever get to leave the grounds of the baby houses unless it is to go to another orphanage, or the hospital.

I was looking at the blogs of families that have brought or are bringing their little ones home and it is always a HUGE celebration to go out that gate for the LAST TIME!

What will Yana and Tavi think when it is their day to walk through the gate? Will they understand any of what is happening? How tightly will they hold on to the life they had that offered them very, very little? How scared will they be to see all the good things that are coming there way? Will they even really believe it will last?

I want this day for them to be here so badly, I can taste it! Carrying them through that gate, with the angels of God tearfully, joyfully, celebrating, will be one of the greatest days of my life!

I pray that God is preparing their hearts for the changes that are coming their way! Both of these girls have proven to be fighters, and I pray they will be ready to embrace us as their forever family. It may take time, but healing will come to them both! Jesus, and angels, were there when I first met them, unseen but very present. I believe they stayed behind to keep them safe during this LONG wait!

Mommy is coming soon Yana and Tavi. I am doing everything I can, the main thing being to hold tight to Jesus! God is on our side!


  1. You just gave me chills! Praying, praying, praying for a quick month(or two)! Father, watch over our babies as only a Father to the fatherless can do!!

  2. The feeling of taking them forever will never leave you! Congratulations on having them almost home! Praying that the others still there will find loving forever families soon too!

  3. How exciting to walk through the gate with your girls!!! I am so excited that you share so much

  4. Oh how I want you to get that notification saying You're going!!!! It will be here soon, but not nearly soon enough! You will get to experience that moment leaving the gates with your babies in tow;)

  5. What a beautiful post! I remember my Isaac standing at the opening of the gate..the longing in his eyes & I remember thinking like you "will he be happy when he leaves this place? will he long for it once he realizes he'll never be inside those gates again?" He ran out Kelly..not a slow jog, he RAN! :D I don't think today he ever longs for his old home..& don't think Yana or Tavi will either :) Soon~so soon the day of joy will come & your very long labor will come to an end! Can't wait!!!