Monday, April 19, 2010

Still waiting....

14 months since we committed. 3 months since I last held my babies. Not to beat a dead horse, but sheesh... this is SOOO hard. :(

I am grieving, and yet I can't quite grieve because there is hope, and God will see them home to us! But I watch the videos and I still think "Are they real?".

I dreamed about them last night. They flew home unescorted, dropped off at my house by fed ex [which is how all my paperwork was sent to Bulgaria]. Upon arriving here I decided we should celebrate with sloppy joes sandwiches from the bowling alley. So I took the 2 girls and went to get the sandwiches. [For the record, I HATE sloppy joes, and the bowling alley? Come on!]

After that the dream remained really strange, but I WAS SPENDING TIME with them! My heart was rejoicing. I fought so hard not to wake up... I rarely do that. And I was SO SAD, that I got teary eyed when I woke and they were not with me.

I need them home. They need to be home. I need this journey to be over...


  1. Thinking about you...

    I know it HAS to be hard...

    Soon, all this waiting and longing will
    be a distant memory.

  2. I sooooooooo understand, my friend. This international adoption stuff is HARD. The end results are simply glorious, but we age 20 years in the process. I just looked in the mirror and thought I saw my mother! LOL. Yep, that bad :)

    Think Anthony will get me a face lift when all this is over?????