Thursday, April 15, 2010

Teeny Weeny progress... but it's good.

Okay, so now we are officially IN COURT. Next week we should find out who our judge will be [please God, make it a good one!], and when our court date should be [please God, make is very soon!].

What makes this such a big deal is that in Bulgaria, birth parents can revoke their consent for adoption at any time up until the case is in court. Our's is "in court" now, so that is no longer a worry! Praise God!!!!

I am praying for a whirlwind of a turn around... meaning, court is so soon that Toni "almost" freaks out! [Love you Toni! ;)]

God is moving steadily in this adoption. Our bible study last night was on patience and perseverence. Think He was trying to give me a message? He likes to talk to me like that... and He does have a great sense of humor. ;)

*** In talking with Toni, we are still looking at the end of May for travel at the earliest. Oh how I hate that my idea of what would be the best [easiest, and quickest] isn't what God apparently wants. I know, I know... reasons, reasons, working in me, end results, timing, etc., etc....! But as someone commented at our bible study last night "that's a Sunday school answer". And the painful truth is... this sucks. :(

Never, NEVER did I think for even one second that this adoption would take so long. I am so thankful, and feeling blessed, that I didn't know! I couldn't have done it if I had known!

But ... if I appear a bit depressed for the next month or so... please understand it isn't my faith that is in question, but my heart is just feeling sad and broken. And there is just not anything anyone can do about it.


  1. Okay Kelly, you said it out loud...the worst fear I have is that the birthmother will remove her consent for adoption...I've been so worried that this is why it's taking so long...happy you're moving along though:)

  2. all I can say to those feelings is WELL SAID and DITTO! Glad things are moving and know you are not alone in feeling sad and all but still having faith.

    Praying Jeremiah Home Quickly

  3. Hope you hear some exciting news next week!