Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"The Tortise and the Hare"

Weeellll, they always say slow and steady wins the race! And if something was ever SLOW and STEADY, this adoption is it!!

We received news about court this morning. And let me tell you, I am NOT surprised. In fact "I think I am going to keel over and die from NOT surprised!". OH, and did I mention "slow and steady"?

We have been assigned a judge [teeny, tiny progress]. As of today we do not have a court date, as according to her secretary she is very busy and so right now there is no idea when court will be. Oh, and no one really knows anything about this judge. [that is the part that is not surprising]

I was praying for a court date in April. I just don't see that happening, which means traveling in May is probably out too. So travel in June? SERIOUSLY?

Right now I want a drug that makes me forget about all of it, and someone can sober me up once I can travel. :( Sorry to continue the saga of "DRAMA QUEEN". Honestly, I am not usually this way!!!!

I do know that God has this! I am thankful for any progress in the right direction, so "Thank you Jesus!", [and Toni for advocating and working so hard for Bulgarias children!]. It's just that the longing in my heart, the split right down the center, continues to grow.


  1. Just saw your comment:)!LOL! I'm just continually AMAZED(though you're right, NOT surprised) that this is going this SLOW!! Praying your judge is AMAZINGLY QUICK with that court date! I'm exhausted from praying and "surrendering"! Can I have some of that drug PLEASE!!

  2. Ugh.

    I'm sorry you didn't get more encouraging news.

    The crazy part about adoption is the WAITING and WAITING and WAITING....

    You well know this.

    It's just so hard when your heart wants (desperately NEEDS) something so bad, and the end isn't even in sight.

    Praying for good news SOON!

  3. So sorry... We are waiting too and it is getting harder by the day!! Each time the mail comes up empty or I get no response from immigration I want to start weeping, screaming and pulling my hair out.... I'm with you!!

  4. Ugh! Well, we get on our knees and pray fo that judge to get a move on. God HAS done crazier things, you know. Don't give up hope, friend. God is MORE than able to turn this around in a and I both know that.

    Hang is on the way!

  5. It's okay to have two really great reasons too :) I know it's really hard now, but like Adeye said..."Don't give up hope!!" You never know, you may just be very pleasantly surprised :) Praying it so sweetie, praying hard.

  6. OR - maybe God hand picked this judge for reasons only HE knows right now. TRUST!!!!

  7. I'm sorry things are moving at this pace. I can't imagine you're feelings. You are not a drama queen!!! You are a mama who wants to love on her babies.
    I'll pray God gives you clarity for the situation and relieves some despair.

  8. hi, I saw your blog a few weeks ago, and for some reason I can't stop thinking of Yana Jewell and Tavi John (lovely names by the way) so I've been lurking a bit. Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you and look forward to the day when they are happily in your arms and in your care. My prayer is, let it be done soon! :)

  9. When I saw "slow and steady" I read. We have also been waiting longer than anyone I've read about in the Chinese special needs adoption world...14 months since we committed. I feel despair and frustration that I don't have faith that moves officials. I desire that peace because this is not the state I am comfortable living in, like you! All these emotions and I haven't even physically held and embraced our little guy like you have your girls. My word today is Proverbs 13:12; waiting is hard, but believing while waiting is harder still! Today I will choose to believe in God's wisdom for your process and ours!