Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day #2, part 2....

Yana...my heart just jumps when I think of this little one. Pure joy is what I feel when I hold her. And praise God, my friend Michele got to go with me today and she fell for her too! Yana is pure joy! She crawls, she sits up and even pulls up some by herself. She continues to think she is SO FUNNY! She loves to laugh, and with the twinkle in her eyes you know it is REAL! You may not know what she finds funny, but she sure enjoys laughing! She will crawl to you when you say her name and hold out your hands. She wasn't big on toys today, but preferred the string on my hoodie. She would twirl it first one way, and then a few seconds later twirl it in the opposite direction.

She is loved where she is, adn the director and therapist are so happy for her. But she will THRIVE in our family. Kids... you are truly just going to LOVE your sisters. John, you have no idea how much joy you are about to experience. When you meet them you will understand!!! They are going to LOVE their daddy! Be ready to run honey, I am bringing home a couple of wild ones! :)

We got some GREAT video of Yana today! I will have to share it another time, but you really see her personality shine and get to hear her laughing over and over!

Now for pics:


  1. Oh mom... I'm in love already.

    I know your pain at leaving them Mom. I want you home so bad, but my heart breaks at the thought of my sisters being alone again.

    Please, Jesus, let time pass quickly!

    Love, Riley

  2. They are both so sweet, and seem so "hand-picked" for you! Hmmmm, wonder who did that?:)

  3. Beautiful. Who knew so much could be expressed in a photograph?! I can't wait to hold my neices and play with them myself!

  4. Oh my friend---is it even possible for them to be any cuter than that????? They are completely and amazingly adorable. Oh how I know your heart is longing to bring them home for good. Time will pass so quickly--you'll see :) In the meantime, cherish every minute you have there.

    Love and biggest hugs across the miles.

  5. They are both so CUTE!!! It will be so great to get them home! Enjoy every minute and bring those memories home with you to hold you over til you bring them home for good!

  6. What BLESSINGS! Worth the wait huh?!!!:):) They are both so precious, and I am relieved to see how happy and well cared for they are. That must make your heart feel good! Kelly, they are just beautiful and you are glowing, holding them in your arms! Congratulations!

  7. Praise God all the months of waiting and you are finally holding your babies. They are so precious and I am so happy for you. It is like childbirth, all those roadblocks and the pain of waiting are nothing now and seem like a distant memory as you hold your babies next to your heart. So very happy for you. Rhonda

  8. Your girls......so sweet & a Blessing!!!! Makes my mommy heart so joyful for all of you!!!!!! How wonderful, and can't wait until you get to bring them home FOREVER!!!!