Friday, January 8, 2010


To those individuals, and you know who you are and I hope you read this blog, it may come as a surprise to know that your opinion that John and I should abort the adoption of Yana and Tavi means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to us!

We have been understanding, patient, and respectful! I AM leaving to meet these precious little girls in a weeks time... at which point the gloves come off! I am tired of it. You have a problem you bring it straight to me! NOT to my children, my mother, or my husband but to ME!

You have called out Mama Bear and now you can deal with it! These girls are my children! Not born under my heart, but born in it! The outcome is between God, John, and I. NOT YOU. GET IT? Are you hearing it? NOT YOU!

Have we asked you for one tiny little bit of help in providing for and raising our children? We sent out a letter to not only inform you of our adoption, but also to ask for prayers and if you were so lead... donations. NO, you do not have to give!

You know what, GOD has seen fit to bless us with family and friends who have not only encouraged us, but donated to help bring them home! We have an awesome church family that is behind us 100%! We would have LOVED to have you in our corner, but we do not NEED you there!

When you can let go of your fear, your prejudice, your control, and your preconceived notions of family... Come and see us! We will be the GOD LOVING, CHILD LOVING, FAMILY CENTERED, HARDWORKING, FAITHFUL and imperfect family living at 1400 Avenue!

Praise God for opening our eyes and strengthening our faith!


  1. AMEN SISTER!!!! It's called OBEDIENCE to GOD ALONE!!! It's called adoption of 2 very beautiful daughters!!!! I praise God for ANYONE WHO WILL DO HIS WILL!!!! I praise God for you!!!

  2. I agree with Nan and Dan! You know what in your heart what God is asking you to do. If you needed to hear it from anybody else, you would have asked them! It's sad that those who should support you can't even see the real reason why you are doing this. Hopefully they will figure it out before it's too late and they are not on this earth anymore. It will be too late for them to rejoice as they should be. God bless you! I hope to see pictures soon!

    Much love to you and your family,

  3. You're NOT alone! We WILL stand together! For the glory of God, and God alone!

  4. Congratulations on your girls and your ability to recognize God's gifts in this world! ALL children are a gift from Him, not just those that carry our genetic makeup. And in the end, it is ONLY His opinion that matters. So consider yourself in excellent company, as those that are about their Father's business are ALWAYS misunderstood by the world! :)

  5. Go on mommas! you are awesome and standing up and doing something to help these children is just a wonderful thing.

    I support you and I am sure many people support you. ROCK on sista! ROck on!

  6. Praise God! As Ive said a number of times," I will be the one to stand before God and give an account to what Ive done and not done in my life." Those that may be questioning and not supportive only drive me to double check with God, once He gives me the all go I am even stronger for having been questioned. If youd like to read where we are at you can read my blog from the other day titled "finding purpose." God is faithful to complete the work He has begun in us. We are not waging a war of flesh and blood dear sister, its a spiritual battle. Satan doesnt want this movement of Christians that are actually applying Gods Word to our lives and our actions to be successful. This is about the family.

  7. My my my!!! You are NOT alone, dear friend. How I wish that what you are experiencing is just an isolated incident. But sadly, it is NOT. For some reason, which I will never understand, some feel like they have earned the right to voice their little opinion. Ugh. It means NOTHING. You stand before an audience of ONE someday, sweet friend. And His is truly the only opinion that matters in this life. Keep on keeping on. You're running this race with perseverance, and you're doing fabulous :) Oh how the enemy would love to discourage you just before you get on the plane to head overseas. And he'll use people to do it. Put a hedge of protection around your mind and DO NOT allow him in.

    I admire your strength and your courage!!!

  8. Adeye is so right on! Mama Bear, you fight, protect and stand strong. Thanks for being bold enough to speak the truth. May God go before you, and He will, as you travel to pick up these two precious souls.

  9. When you know what you are doing is what God wants you to be doing then the opinion of anyone else does not matter. Your strength comes from him! Praise God there are people like you all because the world doesn't have enough. God Bless you! Rhonda

  10. You go Mama Bear!!!
    We moms protect all of our children..Even the ones born from our hearts. We will protect all of them. I so agree with you . We have dealt with some of the same issues, from some of our family. Bring your girls home and love them dearly..

    Bless you,