Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day #2....

Such a good day today... my heart is so happy! [But I sure wish the rest of my family was here so we could be experiencing this together.]

Tavi first.... she is just amazing both Toni and I. She is SOOOO smart. She copies me with the rhythms I make with the rhythm eggs. She remembered me from yesterday and the fact that I had a bag with toys in it. She was talking a lot today, and Toni understood many phrases such as "where are you?", "I am here", "look a little chair" and more. And what practically had me in tears was her calling me Mama... so precious to me! She walks by herself, all over! She feels her way and seems to know just where she is going! She is a confident, independant, and sweet little soul. I do not think anyone has ever told her that she is blind! LOL

I love this little girl!! She has a sweet high little voice. My heart is going to be so lost without her until I return! She has been well loved, and I am so thankful!

Now for a few pics. She was very active today so Toni had a hard time getting a picture! :)


  1. Oh Mom... I wish so much that I was there with you. She is beautiful, absolutely beautiful!!

    Give her a hug for me.


  2. Yeah! I love those great big smiles! (On BOTH of you!) Looks like you are having a wonderful time. Looking forward to tomorrow's report!

  3. She's so cute! I'm so glad that things are going well for you and that the kids are loved and well taken care of. Hope you're enjoying your time in Sofia. Give Toni a hug for me!

  4. They are both precious... so glad it is going well for you.

  5. Oh those curls!! You two look beautiful together :D