Monday, January 18, 2010

Meeting Tavi...

Where do I start? I am in love with a little girl with dark curly hair, big brown eyes, a free spirit and a beautiful smile. She walked into the room holding her nurses hands and my heart just fell out of my chest.

Tavi is adorable, friendly, loving, and so SMART! You could see her processing everything and she figured out everything so quickly. At 4 years old she is small, but not tiny, her weight is good, and she is not all that delayed. If you figure she was born 3 months premature, and has been blind her whole life and lived in an orphanage her whole life she is a little miracle!

John... YOU ARE GOING TO FALL for her as soon as she grins at you! LOL

I could say so much, but I am still processing a lot of it. It was a PERFECT day, and yes I will be crying when I leave both of them at the end of the week. I thought I owuld be okay wiht it, but as soon as Tavi walked into the room I thought "OH CRUD, I am going to be a mess!" :)

One more thing and then onto what you really want! For those of you who are planning on meeting your children soon the absolute best toy that I brought was 3 plastic rhthym eggs. They are easy to hold, they can hold one in each hand and they both fiugred out how to shake them slowly or fast and the sound would change. They love them! So I highly recommend them!

Okay, so here is Miss TAVI JOHN MAYDEN!

[This is Toni's brother, Alex. Tavi liked him! It was so cute, both the director and the nurse thought he was the to be dad... and then he started speaking to them in Bulgarian and they were shocked! We all thought this was so funny to all of us!]


  1. Oh I knew she would be a sweetheart.. and I love that young man holding her :) Funny what they thought...

  2. She is GORGEOUS Kelly!!! What an incredible little girl you have there! Boy am I excited to be following in your footsteps soon! Thank you for letting me live vicariously through you this week. . .I really need that right now!

  3. She is beautiful! AHHH! I'm so excited! I just forwarded your blog to everyone I know!

  4. so beautiful!! what a cutie pie!!

  5. Mom, she is so adorable. I cannot wait until they come home!!

    BTW, i'm crying right now. lol We miss you so much!!

    Riley, Luke, and Quincy

  6. awwww :) just adorable! Thanks for the tip on the rythm eggs. I will do that for Jeremiah :) Maybe he can hold one, we will see!

    I am SOOOOO excited for you :)


  7. Kelly, you have yourself two beautiful little dolls! They look wonderful in your arms. Tavi's hair is sooo cute! My heart hurts for yours as your already having to prepare leaving them when you've waited oh so long to be right where you are with them... :( Praying for the rest of the week to be just as grand for you all.
    BTW~love the love notes to you from your kiddo's missing you..they sound like a great bunch of warm,welcoming arms :D

  8. wooohooooo!!!!! tears tears tears, my friend!!!! They are BOTH absolutely precious beyond words. What a joy to see them loving their mama. I think the Lord as blessed you with two of the most precious angels ever....absolute angels. My heart is rejoicing with you. What an eternal gift you have been given, my friend. Such amazing treasure in this life. And He chose YOU!

    There just are no words to express what is in my heart for you.

    Rejoicing and praising God for His goodness.

  9. Okay, so I already left one comment, but I just keep coming back and looking at my beautiful new nieces. This is the 10th time at least! And there are some fantastic pictures of you with them. Hopefully they will help get you through the next 3-ish months til you bring them home!

  10. Kelly,
    She is just DARLING! What a precious smile too!

  11. They are sooo precious! We are happy for you!
    Enjoy your time with them there!

    The Adamsons
    adopting Lacie (RR)

  12. Kelly,

    They both are so beautiful !!! It is nice to see you holding them. Enjoy the rest of the week with them.

  13. Kelly,

    I just showed Aidan and Ella the pictures of the girls.

    Ella said "Hi Aunt Kelly. I want to sing to Tavi since she can hear me."

    Aidan said "Maybe I can read a book to Tavi since she can hear, or maybe I can play music for her. Maybe I can give her some information about dinosaurs."