Monday, January 18, 2010

Meeting Miss Yana Jewell Mayden....

Again... where do I begin? Yana had Toni and I rolling within minutes of meeting her. Let me tell you, this is one FUNNY little girl! Yana is tiny, but has some weight to her. And my goodness, she is FLEXIBLE! She turns her foot almost completely backwards, and she looks WAY up, like she is looking behind her a LOT!

She is very delayed, and not real interested in others, but I did see POSITIVE things. ONE, she thinks she is the funniest girl on the planet. Two, she has certain toys she prefers and throws the rest away. At one point I tried to take a toy from her and she kept catching my hand and holding it away or pushing it away... she was keeping the toy ... PERIOD. LOL

The other funny thing is she does NOT like the camera. Toni had it trying to take a picture of her, and she would turn competely away whenever she saw it and then SMILE like she was the cutest thing ever!

She moves constantly, a total wiggle worm. She walks holding hands pretty well, which is suprising because she is a wet noodle otherwise. What I saw in this little one was humor, a curiousity waiting to be nourished and encouraged, and a wild side. You can see it in her grin.

I could not be happier with these two little ones. And my heart is already breaking at the thought of having to leave them for a bit!

Now for what you really want... PICTURES!
This is Yanas bed. I was allowed to meet her "group" and see her room but could only take pics of her bed. I was able to hold the little boy who is in the crib next to hers... he is a doll. And I think he must have CP, but oh what a beautiful little boy!


  1. Oh Kelly, she is adorable too! I just want to hug her!

  2. What BEAUTY!! She sounds amazing Kelly! I am so glad that things went so well with both of your girls today. My heart is breaking for you at the thought of having to leave them, but what an incredible week it will be getting to know this sweet, wonderful little girls!

  3. She too looks like a cutie and love her humor. Her orphanage looks pretty good from the pics.. Do they let you use the toys in that room?

  4. another cutie!!
    lots of loving on both little girls :)
    So sorry it is going to be so hard to leave them.
    Hoping for a quick 2nd trip!!


    I am intensely jealous. We miss you so much mommy!


  6. So beautiful :) Hey bring the little boy home to me! :) He would fit in great around here with my boys :)


  7. Oh Kelly, they are perfect! I hope the rest of the week is just as wonderful! The orphanage looks good..ours was so dreary and sad... Hope to talk via email soon!

  8. They are both beautiful! Have fun with them this week! blessings, Mary Ellen

  9. I love her peronality! She sounds alot like my Isaac~full of spunk, humor, and just a great stinker to love on :D I'm so happy your there, eat up every wonderful moment! Now, on to reading about Tavi! :)

  10. Thank you for sharing! THey are two precious little girls!

  11. The orphanage does look really nice! She looks cute. Can't wait to see your other little girl. Thanks for sharing

  12. Just catching up & sooo happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!! How EXCITING!!! I would definitely be a MESS having to leave them :(

  13. Oh Kelly my heart is filled with such love and yes you made me cry! Both the girls are BEAUTIFUL!!! I can not wait till you bring them home and we can meet them.

    Evie is delighted in hearing about them and is ready to have two new friends! We will hold you and the girls in our prayers and ask God to make time go quickly when it is time for you to leave to the time that you can bring these sweet little lambs home!

    Much love my friend,

  14. Oh my, she is the prettiest little thing! I love her big brown eyes!! Nice to see her in her Mama's arms finally:):)

  15. Oh Kelly, I have happy tears for you. I am so proud of you -- I know that sounds funny -- but it's hard to find words for what I really feel. I guess it's more accurate to say I'm proud to have the honor to call you "friend." I can't wait till these little ones are home and in your full time care.

  16. ABSOLUTELY beautiful girls. Why do you have to leave them? Does this country require two visits? May the Lord bless this time of sweetness for you and the girls.

  17. K-
    They are both beautiful!!! Have you ever seen such amazing smiles!! I can't wait to have them home and be their grandma! Andy says that he will be their favorite!!! (of course he always thinks that!!)
    Love you! Give them both a hug from their Grandma Jackie and Grandpa Andy!

  18. Kelly, here some more comments from Aidan and Ella:

    Ella said "I will draw Yana a picture."

    Aidan said "I like Yana's blue overalls. It's exciting that Aunt Kelly and Uncle JOhn are adopting her. I know there are at least six people who will help take care of her--Grandma Jackie, Great Grandma and Mommy and Daddy and me and Ella. And I bet Riley will help too."

    We love you all and can't wait to meet our new neices/cousins!