Tuesday, October 6, 2009

bulgaria dossier photo book

Click here to view this photo book larger

This is our photo book that goes as part of our dossier to Bulgaria. I hope they like what they see! I really am terrible at remembering to take pictures, so I had to hunt to find at least a couple of everyone! It was really fun to make. I have not made one before. And shutterfly is REALLY fast!


  1. Oh my word--you did such a fabulous job, friend. It looks wonderful. How fun to see all the pics of your beautiful family.

  2. This is wonderful!! I love actually "seeing" the families I'm praying for!!


  3. Hmm, it's hard to read the text on the computer, but it looks like you labeled my twins with the same name...tell me it's not so! Surely Aunt Kelly can tell them apart right?!?! :)

  4. I CAN tell them apart! I just messed up! You are the one who had identical twins who look completely different! You just can't do anything the "normal" way! :)