Thursday, October 22, 2009

Do you know that I HATE delays?????

Okay, so I had been waiting, and waiting for our FBI fingerprint cards to be returned. It has taken almost 6 weeks. We were told they no longer return the cards. So we wrote a letter explaining why we needed them. That was supposed to work. WRONG!

Now we are told, after receiving our background checks in the mail today, that they will only return the cards with a letter from the BULGARIAN ADOPTION AGENCY! That isn't real quick and easy! The agency is an ocean and continent away!

I PAY taxes. Does our government not even have the courtesy to CALL and tell me this!!!! I called to check on our fingerprints last week. The lady was very nice, told me they would be mailed out on Monday. Never mentioned anything about not getting the fingerprint cards back! I guess I am nobody to this wonderful government I vote for, serve, and pay for!

**** I am venting! I love the US! But SHEESH!


  1. Oh don't even get me started!!!! I am sooooo with you today. Just vented on my blog too.

    Sooooo unfair, friend.

  2. Do you need the actual fingerprint card? We were told we didn't. All we needed was the clearance.

  3. We were told we needed the card. I will double check though!!!!

    LOL... Adeye, I am going to your blog now!