Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More fun [not] on the roller coaster of adoption...

Need more prayers! In the girls country there is some upheaval in the adoption system that isn't in our favor! Please pray for wisdom to serve the childrens best interest! There are so many that need to come home, and this will all be messy and delayed if it isn't straightened out. I don't understand it all, dont' want to either. I just want God to fix it. :(


  1. Oh my dear friend--the glorious world of adoption! Up and down and up and down!!! So crazy.
    Standing with you and trusting that EVERY mountain that stands before you will be MOVED, in the name of Jesus!!!! Yes, He can do it.

    Know that you are not alone! You have prayer warriors alongside you to pray until we see them home.

  2. Is this upheaval having to do with special needs kids and their pictures being available? Could you leave me a message on my blog and let me know what is going on? Thanks. Wish these little ones didn't have to wait so long to come home, can't stand red tape.

  3. PRAYING!!!!!!!!! God please guard your children as they come home!!!!!!