Monday, October 26, 2009

Prayer for a grant!

Hi Ya'll. :)

I wanted to ask for prayer. We received a call today from Lifesong For Orphans. They finished reviewing our application. The volunteer who read it is writing her recommendation and will turn it into the director. We will know 2 weeks from today if we receive a matching grant! She left me feeling VERY positive that she was recommending that we do... but she didn't volunteer [probably cause she can't tell me] what exactly her recommendation was, as in grant or no grant.

If we do receive the matching grant, we have 1 week to write a fundraising letter with their help and accompanying letter of recommendation. Then there are 8 weeks left that we have to fundraise for the matching grant. :)

So please pray with me that we receive a grant, that the members of Lifesong hear clearly the Holy Spirits guidance for this situation, and that we as a family trust God with the outcome whatever it may be!

*** Just something cute. This was quite a hefty application. In it we had to answer all sorts of question pertaining to our religious beliefs, our testimonies, and our motivation to adopt. John was able to all his questions on 2 sheets of paper. They were good answers. My answers were 5 pages, and I kept it short! LOL But the lady did say she felt so blessed to have read our application. :) So I guess we didnt' appear crazy!


  1. Absolutely praying!! Been there!! God Bless you guys with peace as you wait for HIS answer!


  2. We got that exact same phone call last week! We are hoping to hear not this week, but next week thursday :) Praying the same things for you as we are us! Blessings and grants!

  3. When I pray I just really pray that God knows all of us adopting parents needs and puts the available funds in the hands that they need to be in! I will be praying for you too!