Saturday, October 24, 2009


Will our I800a approval come today???? I wake up in excited expectation nearly everyday now! It is coming, I just don't know when!

It is the last thing we need before we have everything apostilled. I am still praying to have our dossier completed by Nov. 1st!!!!!


  1. Oh I'll be your friend--any day!!!!! I wish we lived closer. And yes, the special needs adoption thing is very unique. Most people just don't get it--all at. I guess that's why many of us blog--it is a great way to support and encourage each other.
    No--your live is absolutely not boring.

    You are SUCH a treasure. I cannot wait until the day that I see those sweet angel girls in your arms.

    Love you, dear friend.

  2. Oh you are so good for my state of mind! LOL...

    Thanks Adeye!