Saturday, October 10, 2009

our dossier, the easy way....

Okay, so anyone that has read this blog for awhile knows that organization is NOT my forte! I hate it, I hate paperwork, I hate keeping track of things!

But I have found a totally easy and cool way to organize not only my mind, but the paperwork for my dossier as well. Now, I realize most, if not all of you, probably do this. But honestly, it was a totally radical idea to me. Which probably tells you just what I mean when I say I am NOT good at organization.

Anyway, I went out and bought a 1 inch binder. And lots of see through plastic inserts. I have a list that clearly states each item needed for the dossier. But even with that list my mind was oatmeal when it came to figuring it all out. So I bought labels and wrote each item on a label and put a label on each clear plastic insert. I now can see exactly WHAT I have, and WHAT I need to get to complete the dossier. And it is neat, organized, wrinkle free, and almost done!

So if anyone out there is as inept as me at organizing, this method comes HIGHLY recommended from yours truly.

*** And I received my photo book from Shutterfly [post below] today. It is PERFECT! So glad I chose to do it that way! And it is stuck nicely in a plastic insert with its own label "Family Pictures". :)

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