Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Generous blessings....

I have a wonderful friend that I spent the majority of my childhood with. We had the chickenpox together in 3rd grade and she got to come over to my house while everyone else was at school.

We thought it was so cool! :)

In grade school we had a list of something like 50 imaginary friends and we would choose which ones to play with each day. If one of us came to school with a "new friend", then the other one would make one up that was similar.

In 5th grade we did a science fair project together. It was on an Apple computer. You know the kind that had a huge monitor and only green showed up on the screen. It was on the state of KS if I remember correctly. We did really well at the contest!

We spent HOURS playing in the woods around her house doing all sorts of best friend things. We played "Dukes of Hazard" all the time! She was Luke and I was Bo. And uh... it wasn't really anything like the TV show. :) But it provided loads of entertainment and good times!

We might have been just a little strange. :) But boy, did we have fun together! I couldn't have asked for a better best friend in my childhood!!!!!

Angie is a very kind and loving person. She is a person of great character that follows through on her promises. She is non judgmental, and fun to be around! She has blessed my family with a generous donation towards our adoption. It was unexpected, but so appreciated!!!!

I am so thankful for her and her husbands thoughtfulness! May the Lord stretch their givings and may the Lord bless them mightily in return!!

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