Monday, October 12, 2009

Ain't she a doll????

Sorry, but the picture won't copy smaller! UGH. She is really very cute, and I think quite a bit underweight judging from the picture. If I could do 3 girls I would. But I do know my limits here, not to mention my husbands! :)

Isn't this little girl adorable???? She turns 3 on the 14th. She turns 3 and yet there is no one celebrating. No one who cares. When a child turns 3 someone should care right? Someone should lovingly make a cake with Elmo or Dora on it! Someone should stick 3 candles in it! Someone should buy her a doll, a pair of shoes, a teddy bear, and a princess dress! Instead, her day will be exactly the same as the day before, and the day after. It will be spent mostly in silence, hunger, and boredom. It is making me very sad today....

Here is her info if you are interested:

Girl, Born October 14, 2006
Main diagnosis: Miopatia. Hernia diaphragmalis - condition after surgery. Lagging behind in her development.

contact if you want to know more, or want to donate to her adoption fund. Maybe this will be her last Christmas w/o her family!

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