Monday, December 14, 2009


What a lovely cloudy, cold and windy day! NOT!

Sometimes you just want a break huh? To start this lovely day we have 1 working toilet, the other one is broke because Luke flushed his brothers tooth brush down it. In his words..."I didn't flush MY toothbrush down the toilet." This was said AFTER he blamed the cat! 1 working toilet with 9 people on a school morning isn't easy, and the boys all proclaimed it too cold and windy to go outside!

Then we also have one sink, as the other sink is clogged. But it is the sink in the bathroom with the broken toilet that works so that actually was a blessing ...

AND to make things really, really great... there is a MOUSE in my living room. One of my cats tried to get it, but she just succeeded in chasing it from one piece of furniture to the other. So now I have a mouse trap under our TV stand, since that is the only place the cat can't get under. I don't want to know how many mice I don't know about!

AND all my kids are ready for Christmas break, as not one of them wanted to go to school this morning. They get on the bus by 6:45... so let's just say it took some convincing! Oh, and James has lost the computer and x=box today... he decided being mouthy was good entertainment at 6 in the morning.

I am tired. When is bedtime?


  1. Okay, I'm trying not to giggle! Honestly, it just makes me happy knowing someone else has mornings like mine! So, I guess, in a way, you've encouraged me today...!

    But, I'll still pray for successful mouse(not MICE) catching, and some peace and quiet at some point during your day:).

  2. Did I mention you COULD homeschool like me and keep the "joy" HOME with you ALL day...okay, I really like homeschooling, but sometimes.....

  3. LOL... Some of my kids I could homeschool.. but there are a couple that I wonder if I could do it. I am considering it with Luke for kindergarten, and with Yana for an undetermined time ... which means that my other kids are mad. :)

    Truthfully, we live in a very good school district, and I grew up here, so we know a lot of the teachers... And my kids typically enjoy school. The graduating is usually 90-100 kids. :)

    Yet, I totally admire those of you who homeschool!!!!

  4. We actually have just been looking at the best rate we can find online - we haven't gotten dates yet - so we're waiting to contact Golden Rule. It's been about $800-$900

  5. Yep, of those days you have to convince yourself to count it all joy :) The good news is that it will never change!!!!

  6. I'm sorry--I know I shouldn't chuckle about your not-so-fun day, but just I can't help it :) I sooooo understand days like THOSE!!! They just stink.

    Hey, whatever you do, DO NOT post about the sweet little mouse on MY blog. You WILL have the animal activists after you. How dare you do that to a mouse :):):)

  7. LOL... maybe I will post about the mouse traps and feed lot/cattle slaughter simultaneously! :)

  8. Ahhh...I know how those type of mornings feel....and no bus to put my kids on :-) Needless to say, there have been mornings where seven of the eight kids have to sit on their beds until daddy gets home for lunch. And the mouse hunt...we had three rats last month. I was one upset mama when I found it's droppings in my babies bed.