Tuesday, December 22, 2009

If its about the finances.....

As for financing an adoption, I want those who are doubting or have questions to understand the love in Gods hearts for these little ones! We put the initial $3500 we had to pay on our credit cards. We already had a credit card debt of $13,000. That debt currently, even with the $3500, is around $10,000... so it is going DOWN!

We were prepared to put the whole adoption on our credit card, or take out a loan to if need be. We figured about $22,000 of new debt because of the adoption. Considering our less than desirable financial position, I still always felt a peace about the money coming from somewhere. Thinking if it was Gods will that we put it all on a credit card, then that is what we would do. Always trusting He would help us pay it off.

As things are progress via fundraising, we may end up not having to put ANY of it on a credit card! It blows my mind! Praising God!

I am not saying that regardless of financial position, one should just jump into an adoption. But I AM SAYING to PRAY A LOT! And to take Gods leading seriously and put your hope and faith in Him!!! It is when there isn't an obvious road, or there are pitfalls, or mighty struggles that Gods glory is able to shine most brightly!!!

This journey of adoption is possible only because of Gods love and presence at work in the hands and lives of all who have been a part of our journey!!!!

Praying Gods blessing over all of you in the process of adoption, or those who are considering committing! May God lead, and may you forever be a willing follower!

With 3 days left until Christmas, the birthday of my Savior, I pray that all of you are feeling His love and peace in your hearts tonight!


  1. Praise God!!! We took out a loan both times, but have had grants & gifts to pay it off very quickly- God's Gift!! :) God always provides answers even when we don't look. Giving a child a forever family that loves the LORD- very PRICELESS!!!

  2. My favorite quote from our pastor is "God's will is God's bill!". It's up to him to provide what he says he will do. So glad you didn't have to use the credit card yet! Thanks for letting join your journey and support from afar! God bless!

  3. This is so true of us as well! We started with a home equity loan for about $9000, and God has provided EVERY penny since...we only have about $4000 to go to completely finish our adoption! He owns the cattle on a thousand hills(can't remember where in the Bible that is..:)), and just as He ransomed my soul, He will ransom my child!