Friday, December 4, 2009

Specifically chosen....

Most of my "friends" that are adopting 2 at once, or more, are adopting with similar disabilities. Many of them are adopting children with Down syndrome. I have often thought, maybe it would be better to do that so that Yana would have a "sister or brother" as a pal for life! But to do that... we would lose Tavi. And I can't do that!

You see, when we first committed to the girls, we did so with both of them at once. God had given us a sign that these two were who he had in mind for us. We had inquired about 7 other children as well as Tavi and Yana. Initially we were just going to commit to Tavi, but then we talked about adopting 2. So we decided about a few that we were both drawn to, and who our "first pick" was. But we also were wanting to adopt from the same orphanage, which saves you $2000 plus!

We then inquired about if any of them were in the same orphanage. There were 2 boys. BUT then there was one girl, while not in the same orphanage was in the same city and there would be no extra fees involved. That little girl was Yana, and wouldn't you know she was our first pick!

But her "issues" on top of Down syndrome were BIG! So we asked if our facilitator could find out any more. She called the director of teh orphange who invited her to come and meet Yana for herself. And she let her take pictures! This is very, very RARE! What a blessing! We were able to find out some positive news, and saw how totally adorable she was and our hearts were no longer in limbo. We committed that very day... February 19th, 2009!!!!

Now some say coincidence, some say this could have gone any way we wanted, but we knew... this is what GOD had planned for us! We would become a family and these 2 girls, who don't have any idea the other exists will soon become sisters! It is a glorious thing to SEE God at work so lovingly and so specifically! It gives me such joy and comfort!

What are we going to do with 2 special needs girls, both of whom have very different special needs. Truthfully, I am goign to love them with every ounce of love and strength GOD gives me, and pray... A LOT!! He doesn't always call the equipped, but oftentimes equips the called!!!! And do we ever need equipping! But I have every faith we will get there! God's timing is rarely early, but it is never late! Praise God!


This little one is on my heart. What can I say? I am a sucker for a red head!!!
Are you being specifically chosen by God to bring him home?

Ilyas S.
Brothers and sisters no
Date of Birth: December 2007
Gender: Male
Eyes: Gray
Hair: red
Nature: Passive
Down syndrome

Here's his country info:

2 trips
Both parents for 2 weeks
Wait 2-3 months for court
Both parents travel for 2nd trip, one can leave after 4 days, the other waits one week longer
No family size restrictions
Both parents must be younger than 60 years
Total program and travel fees under $25k
Fee includes a $500 orphanage donation
Married couples and single mothers may apply

AND he currently is eligible for a $1700 grant!

Find him here:


  1. You are sooo inspiring!! God has perfectly chosen you to be their Mom!


  2. LOVE that you are so excited about your girls....and we are praying that you can go bring them home soon!!! Also, love that you are bringing other children into the spotlight! Praying God will use that to touch hearts! These babes need families!!!

  3. I just know the Lord will equip you with EVERYTHING you need to parent those precious girls.

    What a sweet little waiting angel. Surely his mommy and daddy will find him soon? Surely.

    Love you!