Monday, December 7, 2009

Family photos... sort of...

Ha! Not really. But I always take a picture of all my kids in front of our Christmas tree. Some years it isn't too hard, others it is impossible. This year resembled the impossible. And they are all getting tall enough, pretty soon we won't even be able to SEE the tree!

Oh I got it done. And sadly, these are the best 3! Sorry if they are kind of dark, I couldnt' get my editing to do any good!

We had just finished decorating the tree so excuse what they have on. Pay no attention to Logan. He HATES pictures, and refuses to "pose" for family pics. I may have threatened him a bit... :) YES, Cale is wearing his halloween ninja costume. He wears it all the time, even though he is 12! LOL And YES, my lovely 9 year old daughter loves her skull shirt, at least is has a good message about recycling! And YES, it was a high of 25, but James thought shorts and a t-shirt were plenty warm enough. You get the idea... I was taking this pic one way or another!!!! :)


These are photos of John, our oldest son Logan [15], and our next oldest Nolan [13]. Nolan has not hit that major growth spurt yet, but he takes after Johns side of the family so may not reach the heights that Logan and most likely Cale will. You can see that at 15 Logan is taller than his dad! I found it pretty impressive that my 80 lb. Nolan can hold my 140 lb. Logan!


This is a great picture of Nolan. He is your quintessential middle child. Kind, responsible, laid back, friendly, a good care taker and a total sweetheart [don't worry, he doesn't read this blog so his "teenage manhood" wont' be offended :)]. I don't talk enough about him. He is a joy to parent, and an integral part of this family running smoothly... or at least our version of smoothly. :) Isn't he just adorable!? He frets over not having a girl friend. My kids are not allowed to "go out" with someone until the 8th grade. Well, here he is in the 8th grade and no girl friend in sight. I tell him not to worry, he will have plenty of opportunities for girlfriend as he is respectful, nice, funny, good looking, smart, you name it! But hearing that from your mom doesn't go to far when you are 13! :)

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  1. Yayyeeee---I just LOVE seeing pics of your beautiful family. They are all so precious, my friend.

    Thank you for your sweet encouragement yesterday--I appreciate it so much. I absolutely LOVE that song, it is one of my absolutely perfect for us mommy's bringing home precious children and walking the road of obedience.

    Love you heaps.

    Oh--I would LOVE a candle to sell for our auction! Thank you for your sweet offer.