Monday, December 21, 2009

moving right along

I have made, courtesy of my facilitator, hotel reservations in Bulgaria! How exciting is that I ask you? The hotel even has a web site!

Hotel Budapest

The menu in the hotel restaurant has me drooling! :) [except for the lamb, I don't eat cute things!]


  1. You are soooo gonna laugh at me! I think we're on the same flight, arriving in Bulgaria at 2:45 on Sunday with was the simplest flight for us as well:).

  2. That is just incredible news, my friend.

    So happy for you.

  3. You will love staying at the Budepast Hotel... tonite as we ate our last dinner here one of our 2 waiters came over to tell us goodbye. He is not working tomorrow when we will be eating breakfast... he was truly sad and sentimental that we were leaving and very thankful that we had adopted. The staff here have been very friendly and helpful... it is sort of sad for us to be saying goodbye... Also I have a brochure I will mail to you if you like.Right on the street a few blocks down are markets to buy some extras if you need them and it is an easy walk to other things like a KFC, pizza place or the staff here can order pizza in for you from Victorias... You will enjoy your time here and not much driving to visit your sweet little ones either.