Friday, December 4, 2009


Looking into flights to Bulgaria in January. They are not as bad as I thought they would be. I know there are places that offer discounts to adoptive families, so we will be looking into those. Praying that as we get closer to the dates, our flight costs stay lower too! Can't wait to find out WHEN we will travel!!!! I have felt like it was Christmas Eve, and I am 6 years old ALL DAY! Makes a long day. LOL

Grant donations are slowly coming in, but we have been greatly blessed by those that have come in. AND we have been so blessed by encouraging words and promises of sending in donations after Christmas!

Prayer Requests:

Please pray with us that we reach our goal of $5000 for the matching grant!

Please pray that our lawyer in Bulgaria is able to obtain the needed signatures easily and quickly.

Please pray that we get our travel date soon so we can plan... I am a terrible planner, but even worse at waiting! LOL

Please continue to pray for the health and safe keeping of our girls.

Thank you all!

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