Thursday, December 17, 2009

Don't you love feeling loved? :)

I am married to the most wonderful man! He brought me the nicest gift! He brought me a calf! John was at a cattle sale yesterday and they were trying to sell a little weaned calf that no one would bid on. He was sickly looking, skinny, his head hung real low. John felt so sorry for it and thought, Kelly would love to love on this little guy. So he bought it for me!!! And just to share the sad price of this little calf... he paid $15 bucks for it!

Luke named it for me. He wants to call him Kuma. :) I have no idea why, but he was very proud of his creation! LOL

Here is our newest little guy: [please excuse the messy pen, it is a very temporary holding!!!!]


  1. Oh he is just sweeeetttt!

    I'm laughing though :) I'm wondering whether he is destined to be eaten, or not???? Please tell me he's your pet :):):)


  2. Sorry Adeye, he will be eaten, but not by us. I can't eat things that have names! We are the middle man in the cattle food chain... just feeder cattle. He will however, have some love and tlc while he is here for a month or 2!

    It's not the end of life that matters for an animal, it's the middle!

  3. Oh he's cute and what a great price. Have fun lovin' on him :)