Saturday, December 12, 2009

Intricately designed by God

Every now and then there are children listed on Reeces Rainbow, and they are in the same orphanage AND somehow in my mind they become siblings that just have to be together! Vera and Alina are 2 such girls. They are both darling. Look at their beautiful smiles. Add the the fact that they both have CP, and to me look alike, and they just need to go home together. Ask your husband today how he would feel about adopting 2 little girls with blond hair, CP, and gorgeous smiles... 2 little girls that need a mommy, and need a hero... er I mean daddy. :) Ask your husband, but ask God first! :)

Vera (19)
Girl, Born April 8, 2005

GRANT in the amount of $1171

Vera is a darling, energetic and happy little girl. She has mild CP and is able to walk on her own. She is very capable and smart. She is already 4 and needs a family quickly!

UPDATE: Infantile cerebral paralysis, double hip dysplasia, systemic violation of the speech (middle level) She is very friendly and smily girl. She eats herself, can walk holding somebody`s hand. After spending some time with her you start understanding Vera`s speech. According to caregivers words she is
very prospective girl, she only needs individual support and treatment.
*** Vera is facing the mental institution soon, please someone give her the life she deserves! *

Alina (19)

Girl, Born April 2, 2007

How about this ittle pixie doll? Alinahas blonde hair and giant blue eyes. She has mild CP, and is diagnosed with hydrocpehalus, but I don't see that in her. She does have some strabismus, but she is a very happy, affectionate little girl! Working on her walking!

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  1. Gosh, I so don't see the hydrocephalus either. PLEASE FATHER---send their mommy and daddy soon!!!