Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lovin' Life....

Did you know on our next anniversary I will have been Kelly Mayden for as long as I was Kelly Dean? Cool huh?! I have never regretted my choice of marrying John a month after I turned 18. What can I say? I LOVE MY LIFE!


And I just had to include this 'cause I think it is a cute one of Luke. :) I love his eyelashes. It just isn't fair that those lashes are on a boy!


  1. Yep, our boys have those same lashes! congrats! wow just 18, but that is wonderful! Praise God for marriage! Love it!

  2. Kelly!! What a beautiful couple! I always wondered what you looked like..simply beautiful! I'm so glad God has blessed your marriage!

  3. Yayeeee---it is so wonderful to see you AND your dear hubby in a pic together! I was beginning to wonder if there really was a Mr Mayden :)

    Love you!

  4. LOL... The man in the picture is just a stand in! My husband, was as often happens, too busy. :)

    He's a good looking stand in though, so all is well. ;)