Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A family for Aaron?

Allow me to introduce you to a beautiful little boy. His name is Aaron, he's 5, and he has just been transferred out of an orphanage to an institution. The orphanage has been his home for 5 years. It lacked so much, and yet it was all he knew, it was it's own kind of security for this little orphaned child.

Now this 5 year old boy is in an institution. An institution for the mentally and physically ill and disabled. A 5 year old is ripped from the arms of the only family he has ever known, to be taken away by strangers to another "family". Only this family has less love, less food, less medical care, less laughter, and even less hope. And let's face it, when I say family I am only saying the word. This is NOT a family, it is a holding cell for those with no hope of ever getting out. The likelihood of Aaron being adopted from here is slim at best. Each day he spends here he will regress until so much hurt is locked inside that only a shell will be left. The smile you see on his face will be one of his last if he is not soon broken free from walls of this orphan prison. He needs his mommy and daddy to ransom him NOW!

I just have this feeling in my heart that Aarons family is out there. Maybe they are a little out of the box as far as their view of what makes a good adoptive family. Maybe they look at their finances and think it isn't the right time. Maybe they have "raised" their kids and think they are too old to start over.

But maybe, just maybe they will turn to God and ask what HIS plan is, what are HIS thoughts, where does HIS heart want them to go. Maybe, because they know how awesome God is, because they know that ALL THINGS are possible with GOD, just maybe they will "leap knowing that they will either be taught how to fly or there will be something solid for them to stand on!"

It is my prayer that Aaron cries at night for a mommy to come and love him. I pray he cries because that means hope is still alive in his little boy heart. He wants a daddy to take him fishing, he wants a mommy put a bandaid on his skinned knee, he NEEDS a mommy and daddy to say "YOU ARE WORTH IT!". He needs to hear them say, and live out the attitude of, I will "walk through any fire for you" my son, for you are worth it!

Do you have the courage? Do you have what it takes to walk this journey? Are you willing to let God, by grace, fill in your cracks so that Aaron gets his family? Don't be afraid, Gods heart is for the orphan! God's strength is sufficient. Be the vessel through which God gives Aaron his miracle!

Personally, I think everyone should be looking at themselves in a mirror and asking God "Will you send me?" You need to realize that Gods glory shines brightest from imperfect situations, not perfect ones. So don't look at the can nots. Pray to God to reveal to you the CANS!

And if I don't have you yet, I think Aarons mom and dad should take a look at this picture of their son, dont' you?

[the picture is big, so click on it to see it all!]

And here is a little more info: Aaron is a darling, blonde haired and blue eyed boy who was born with arthrogryposis. He is very high functioning, cognitively normal, and is able to walk on on his own. His feet are nearly normal, and his hands are only minimally affected. He stands straight and tall and is very active! Aaron has recently been transferred to the institution, so we need a family for him FAST! He deserves to have a loving family, not to be stuck behind 4 walls for the rest of his life!

If you are still uninspired, listen to this:


  1. If anyone would like to know more about arthrogryposis, they can visit my blog: http://perfectlyable.blogspot.com/ or visit AMC Support for more information: http://amcsupport.org/

  2. THank you thank you thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu!

    I love Aaron. He would be my baby if i wasn't a 21 year old, unmarried, college student. We will find him a home. WE WILL!

  3. Also, I spoke with an awesome girl who has AMC, and she actually knows Valerie and Evan!! She said his amc does not look too severe at all, and his arms are not badly affected and judging by the fact that he is walking his legs are in great shape too!

  4. He is ABSOLUTELY precious. Yes, my friend, I am standing with you and trusting that his parents will find him SOON. Yep--it's going to take courage. But there is nothing sweeter than courageous Christianity!!!

    Love and hugs

  5. What a cutie!! Please Aaron's mommy, go get him! I just wish so badly I could take them all. Nikoli (45) breaks my heart too. He's close to being sent to an institution just like Aaron. We must pray that God will fuel a passion for these children and adoption in His people!

  6. He is such a cutey, I hope you don't mind, but I just copy and pasted your post to my blog. Hopefully someone will find him and recognize that he is the son they've been waiting for.

  7. No problem Kisha.

    Ludivina, I have no idea how to switch the language.... but thanks for visiting. :)

  8. I'm that girl w/ Arthrogryposis Molly is referring too! He is very similarly affected to me if not less affected. The fact he walking w/o probably intervention (surgery or therapy) is a HUGE sign he is mildly affected in his legs. Very few kids w/ AMC would walk unassisted & w/o therapy period. Like Molly I'd take him in a heartbeat if I wasn't 22 unmarried & in college. I'm lucky enough to know Valerie & Evan in person & I have been able to witness what a family can do for a child & what modern medicine can achieve w/ this diagnosis.