Tuesday, July 14, 2009

And ....

My children...

Riley [girl]16
Logan 14
Nolan 13
Cale 11
Quincy[girl] 9
James 8 [domestic soon to be adopted]
Lucas 3 [domestic adoption]

The 2 girls we are adopting:
[Yana 6]
[Shawnee 3]

My birthday is July 26. :) .... I am getting old! I will be 35! But my husband is still older than me ;)


  1. Oh honey- 35 is SO not old! But it is nice when our hubbies are older than we are- and we never let them forget it! :0) Amy

  2. Oh I LOVE being younger than my hubby. He is 14 years older than me--and I love to remind him of it :) I'm 37, he's 51. Hey, isn't another 4 year old what EVERY 51 year old wants? Ha.

    You guys look wonderful!

  3. LOL.. well 35 FEELS old, but maybe that is just having the kids home and wearing me out. :) Love it, but they are winning the battle right now.

    John is only a couple of years older, but older is older esp. when you are married. :)

    And yes, a 4 year old is just what he needs!

    And yes, I never let John forget it. He takes it like a man though. :)

  4. 35--you're a spring chicken (as my grandma used to say). :) I'm 46 and loving it!!

    So...YOU are the soon to be Mama of the cute little girls I saw on Adeye's blog!! Congratulations! I will be following your journey. :)
    And thank you for your sweet comment on my blog.