Tuesday, July 21, 2009

God is just amazing... but you already knew that. :)

I just have to share, just so you understand ...

Paid so far for this adoption.

1. Fee to "save" the two girls for us as we get our paper work done stateside.
2. Agency fee
3. Homestudy fee
4. Bits and pieces ie physicals, copies, marriage certs, birth certs. etc.

*** We did not have savings for this. God provided the means for each one! No, he didn't just make a check mysteriously come in the mail... that is what I was eagerly anticipating. :) But he made the [almost exact] amounts we needed each step of the way available or the means to get those amounts available and it just humbles me to think about it! It gives me chills to know my Heavenly Father is taking care of us and our girls with such specific care and detail.

*** Right now we are needing funds for USCIS clearance as soon as our HS is done, I have it ready to send in! That fee is about 900 dollars. I am also getting my passport. That fee is about 115 dollars. We just got our tax refund in the mail... Anyone care to hazard a guess as to what the total check was? Yep... just over 1000 dollars! Praise God! Some of you naysayers may call it coincidence, I call it Divine Provision!

So that leaves me updating the total we have and the total we need thermometer on the left side of this blog! God is AWESOME! But like I said, you already knew that!


  1. woohooo----amazing news today!!!! You'll see--He'll provide this way every step of the journey. I promise :)

  2. I am SO EXCITED for you! I so want to have your faith right now. Really struggling trying to trust that He will provide for us too. We have been thinking up fundraising idea's and praying. Mustard seed right?? Amy

  3. It is weird, but I worry the least about having the money to bring them home. It the waiting, and the paper work that just seems beyond me!

    Praying for you!