Sunday, July 12, 2009

Duncan Yo-Yo...

I think I may invest in this stock, anyone know if thats possible? I figure we have a lot in common, like the Duncan yo-yo... I'm up, I'm down, I'm up, I'm down... and so on!

Today I am once again feeling overwhelmed with doubt as to our ability to complete this adoption. And though lacking finances can bring it on, today it is just the continuation of paper work that has me think 1. I am an idiot! And 2. it will never get completed.

Now, no worries, I am sticking with it... how could I not? But I just think "are we really talking a year from now"? That seems like half of forever.... Please join me in praying that late 2009 or very early 2010 is still possible!

*** People often tell me just how patient I am. Apparently no one knows the real me ;)
I was just like this when I was pregnant too! I am terrible at waiting!!!!!


  1. ALL things are possible, my friend. Do not allow your heart to be discouraged. The Lord knows that these sweet angels need to come home. I know He is going to allow it to happen in a timely manner. I just know it. How He loves them...and you :)

  2. I prayed for patience one day and went out grocery shopping..the Lord had me sit in insane traffic and then wade thru a crowded store only to wait in a long line to check out..He has a wonderful sense of humor, I tell you :) Our journey to Levi has been over a year long..but I have complete faith that the Lord will bring him home in His perfect timing. I know your princesses are held dear in His hands too..waiting for the perfect timing for Him to set them in yours. Praying for you and them! :)