Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More on the Heart of God and my heart for Him...

147+ million orphans world wide! How does one person make a difference?

One heart, one child at a time! And the really neat thing is that God loves that one child more than everyone in the world ever could. That one child is special, magnificent, and fearfully and wonderfully made!!! God knit them together in the womb, and God has not, nor will He ever forget about them!

Consider how much your heart breaks for each individual child, and then realize just how much more so the heart of God breaks! He will not leave them as orphans, HE will come for them. HE HEARS THEIR CRIES, AND THEIR SILENCE!

God is moving GREATLY on behalf of the forgotten of this world! We want it done and taken care of yesterday, God has a bigger plan! Salvation, eternity, GLORY... are at stake! It will take a warriors heart to continue the fight! It will take a passionate, faithful, and brave soul to follow God as he leads us to where the treasures, at the end of this journey, are greater than any eyes have seen, any ears have heard, any mind can imagine!

We can not be silent! I will not be silent! I wear a button with my girls picture on it just so people will ask me what it is all about. And I tell them, its about love, its about 2 special little girls, its about forgotten children, and family, and mostly its about God!!!! Be the voice of the child that has long ago realized no one will answer their cry... and start a ripple that will carry across the oceans!

One at a time! I thank God everyday that He opened my eyes, and that I am a part of this great movement on behalf of children, HIS children! I look at all those precious faces of abandoned children and I hear the Father calling! I see the love He freely gives! I get energized with HOPE and JOY in my Heavenly Father! :)

So while my heart breaks with each child calling out for a family, so does it rejoice! I rejoice because God hears, God listens, God loves, God cares, and most especially God MOVES on behalf of the orphan! God will not forget the forgotten, and God will make it right! In this life of the next.

Children matter to God! EACH individual child matters to God! Oh that they would know the love their Father has for them!

Each person is created for a specific purpose.

Eph. 2:10... "For we are His workmanship. Created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which He prepared in advance for us to do."

God chose to bless me with a love of children that carries beyond enjoyment. He granted me with a voice so that I may be their voice. He granted me with a mothers heart that has no desire to move on to other things.

God grant me clarity and courage that I may speak for those that have no voice. Grant me time I do not have, grant me energy I can not find, grant me money that is not there, grant me ideas I have not formed, grant me a heart full of passion to do what many say can not be done. Do not let me waste my life. I am a mother Lord, gather my children.... Amen.

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  1. I LOVE it! What a wonderful post. I LOVE that you 'wear' your girls every day :) What an amazing opportunity to witness.