Thursday, July 23, 2009

Other little tidbits of honesty....

*** Do you know that all the dirty laundry goes in a couple of baskets in my room waiting to be washed? And do you know that at times, often times, it is so large a pile that my kids - all ages 16 on down- take turns diving off my bed into it and no one even gets hurt?!

*** Do you know that if the weather is really humid, my house can smell like dog or cat pee because I hvae house trained WAY TO MANY animals on this current carpet and having it professionally cleaned only helps for a while!? I burn alot of candles!

*** Do you know that my 3 year olds favorite song to sing at the top of his lungs is "I like big butts and I can not lie!"???? And I did not teach him that song, I dont' even think my kids taught him, but my kids friends! And he usually follows it by singing his next favorite song "Oh no you never let go" ... a worship song!

*** Do you know that we had an old TV stand in our hallway that every night we would move over by the front door so know one ran into it at night, only to move it back again in the morning!? No joking, we did this for 6 months before we got rid of the thing!

*** Did you know that a year ago I wanted a pot bellied pig for a pet in the house and my husband said he'd leave me if I did that? I thought that was a really mean thing to say! And you know, I think he was serious, and at the time disappointed that I didn't move a pig in just so he could have a break from our chaotic, hectic, spontaneous, crazy, busy, loud, cantankerous, competitive, never enough time in the day, exuberant, caring, joy filled, loving, laughter filled, laid back, go with the flow, unique and wonderful life!?

See, now you can't feel too questioning about your own life can you? LOL


  1. thank you for sharing this! we have more in common than you'd think ;)

  2. We don't have children as young as yours but oh how I could relate. It makes me happy when I an read about other households that can be crazy, and all those other wonderful adjectives you used to describe family. Thanks for the smiles. Rhonda

  3. Sounds a bit like my house! Love this post.

  4. Thank you for the laugh! I feel like you wrote this about MY house! I love that I'm not the only one in the world living like this. A wise "seasoned" friend from church asked, "What would Jesus care about if He showed up at your door today? Would He be upset about the piles of laundry? Would He be worried that you lack stylish things? Or would He care that you've spent the day loving on your family? Would He care that you sat in the easy chair a little longer to read more of your devotion?" So true. I know what He'd care about and it relieves my stress about my dirty laundry mountain!

    Many Blessings!