Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I have a confession to make...

... I do not like finding out that people that I meet do not have a relationship with God that is healthy and heaven bound. In fact, as soon as I find out I want to close myself away from them. It is not because they are beneath me! It is because I am sad and scared for them, and I just don't see how to help them. I just don't wanna know about if they will go to heaven or not. My friends, my childrens friends, family etc. .... I guess I am just "innocent or oblivious in my ideals" and am shocked to find out that there are people that really don't go to church ... AT ALL!

... I can not imagine what it is like to live in the USA, have GOD freely available, easily accessible, not have to fight to learn more about him, and choose not to KNOW HIM!

... I want to have the name of my SAVIOR tattooed on my body for all to see! I want them to know I am the daughter of a KING! I want them to know how much they matter to GOD ... that their Heavenly Father is waiting patiently to bring them into His arms as one of his precious adopted children! And I want them to know how much God's heart aches when they choose to say "NO" to all He has freely given! I want them to see that this life and all its trials and struggles are temporary! There is so much more for them.... and I am just not good at evangelizing.

AND I tell you, these "unchurched, unreached people" are coming out of the woodwork! I think there is a holy conspiracy going on with my name on it!


  1. Ha--it sure seems to me like the Lord is stretching and challening you to get out of your boat and walk on water in this area. Cahllenging, I know. But oh so rewarding when you do it! God will give you the words to say--just ask Him, friend. I know He will.

    Very exciting stuff.

  2. hey thanks for the comment!! it was a day brightener!!

    I do know what you mean I feel so focused on our journey- and so easily we could get off course. These children are such a gift and yet an incredible responsibility. I feel blessed to be able to take the journey, as far as the responsibility... I am going to bed ( they are already in bed!) I hope to blog tomorrow! Hope being the key word!

    Bless you!