Tuesday, July 14, 2009

For Alysha and Adeye :)... (and anyone else wondering what we look like :))

In order left to right, Logan, Luke, Me, Riley and my niece Macy.

Two pics of my oldest son, 2nd in line, Logan doing what he likes best!

A not so good pic of me giving my oldest and heavy son a piggy back ride.:)

My husband, John. This is last summer, our 4th day on vacation. LOL :)

My oldest daughter, Riley, and my 4th child, Cale. Yes, it is a cheesy pic :)!

James, a year ago... but he looks the same, just taller :)!


  1. woohoo!!! Thanks, friend. I appreciate the pics so much. How wonderful to be able to out a face to the name :)

    Hope you've had a blessed day.

    Love and hugs.

  2. Thaks for the pics... what a wonderful family.. everyone looks very happy.

  3. I agree Adeye, I love that now I have a face to a name. Thanks ladies for walking the journey with me and allowing me to walk it with you. Hugs from Uganda.