Monday, July 20, 2009

Inspired by a friend, lets make a list....

Okay, so what should go with me to entertain the girls when I travel for my first trip to meet them. Most likely I will visit each girl for about a hour or hour and half. I would love to just spend the whole day every day I am there with them, but that won't happen. :( Remember that Shawnee is blind and at a 2 year old level, and Yana is developmentally at about a 2 year old level as well. Neither child walks on their own, but they will soon enough with a family's love!

So things I have thought of:
- simple music makers
- textured ball
- stacking cups
- vibrating toy
- photo album for Yana
- digital camera
- mini voice recorder
- CD player or I-pod
- different textured paper or material [something along these lines, I haven't quite found what I am thinking of yet...]
- oranges [In country fruit. Yana only eats from a bottle, so I was thinking of something that smells good for Shawnee]
- hats
- infant wrist rattle or feet rattle
- oh, and a sweet quiet jack in the box

As you can see, I dont' have a great idea of just what I should take but those are things I was thinking of. Any ideas are appreciated!

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  1. I found that bubbles and balloons are a big hit too.:)