Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's impossible!.... NOT!

God is looking for people through whom He can do the impossible. What a pity we plan only the things we can do by ourselves. --- A.W. Tozer

Well, God found me. Here I am. Adopting 2 special needs girls from a foreign country. Adding 2 more to our 7 children. Living dollar by dollar. Making a living in an industry that is at best uncertain and pretty much guarantees that we will stay cash poor. Having a 3 year old that is a handful with no off button. Having a 14 year old that is having a good day if he is only mildly angry. Having a husband who fluctuates between "Sure lets do this" and "Are we [specifically me] out of our minds!?" Having some debt, no savings, and needing a large amount of money to see this adoption through. Having to reconfigure a bedroom situations without much room to speak of or closet space! And not having alot of extended family excitement with our decision.

And you know what the best part is???? I am EXCITED! THRILLED! JAZZED! OVERJOYED! HAPPY! And can not wait to see what God has planned in order for me to bring my daughters home! See, to me, it does seem impossible for me/us to do this! And yet, I have no doubt tonight [though occassionally it catches me :)] that they will come home!

God continues to confirm my decision and my heart about Yana and Shawnee. He has sent me a multitude of friends [my personal multitude of angels!] who I have never even "officially met", who have strengthened me in untold ways with their stories, their faith, their kind words, and their wisdom! Thank you dear friends!

He has let the love I feel for these 2 little girls be birthed in my heart with a passion to see this journey through, and to love them as they are today, tomorrow, and years from now! Oh how I think of them throughout my day. Every time I see something they might like, or something they might need, or get a quiet moment and think I wish I could be holding them now... my heart bursts with love for them. I would not have believed it could be this way... and yet... God knew. God knows. God has plans for me, my husband, my children, my new girls... plans to give us a hope and a future.

Thank you glorious Father! I am Yours! I love You!


  1. Oh friend, it absolutely IS possible. It IS going to happen? Why? Because when the Almighty Father sends you on a mission He gives you EVERYTHING you need to complete the mission. He has sent you out to adopt your girls--He WILL provide you with the finances you need to bring them home. I know He will.

    Thank you for your very sweet comment on my blog. I so appreciate your love and support. We are so excited to be adding Hailee to our family--what a beautiful addition she is going to be. I can hardly wait.

  2. thank you! ... and you are welcome! :)

  3. Love, love the Tozer quote! I am excited to join you in this journey....Praying in Uganda.

  4. Just had to say YOU ARE AWESOME!! Amy

  5. Thank you all so much. I love to know people are praying the girls home, and also that there are some people who dont' think I am crazy! :)

  6. Ahh, but you are crazy! ~aren't all us who put our faith in the unseen Almighty God? LOL! Our family thinks we're off our rocker for sure! :) I love the Tozer quote..gonna have to steal it :) I love your love for your daughters, it's truly felt. I became a blubbering idiot when our little boy was first brought in the room, I know your gonna be the same when you first see them :) GOD IS SO AWESOME! Praying for you and for your princesses :)